Start off with some Stats.

St Mirren have played 25 competitive games this season and have had some recognition for improved play and performances.

8 wins, 8 draws and 9 defeats so far.
29 goals for. 33 goals against.

7 Thompson
5 McGowan
4 Hasselbaink
3 McLean
2 Carey
2 Goodwin
1 Thomson
1 McAusland
1 Mooy
1 Mair
1 Teale
1 OG

21 players used.

Appearances start/sub

Samson 25/0
Tesselaar 25/0
Thompson 24/1
McGowan 24/1
Van Zanten 24/0
Mair 23/0
Goodwin 22/0
McAusland 20/1
Teale 18/6
McLean 17/5
Thomson 15/1
Hasselbiank 14/8
Carey 8/8
Barron 5/5
Haddad 4/8
Mooy 3/1
McGregor 3/0
McShane 1/11
McKee 0/2
Murray 0/1
McQuade 0/1

Starting Lineup on 25/07/2011

Samson, Van Zanten, Tesselaar, McGregor, Mair, Goodwin, Thomson, McGowan, Teale, Hasselbiank and Thompson.

Starting Lineup on 02/01/2012

Samson, Van Zanten, Tesselaar, Mair, McAusland, Barron, McLean, McGowan, Carey, Mooy and Thompson.

The change in lineup speaks for itself, through circumstance, young players such as McLean and McAusland have developed into regulars. The attacking options have freshened with Mooy and Carey coming into the side too.

A welcome evolution by Danny Lennon of the St Mirren side. Let’s see where it leads.


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