Narrow Escapes and the Danger of Hope

Cheery headline, eh Chic?

No apologies for that, St Mirren stayed in the cup by the margin which Richie Brittain ballooned a penalty kick.

Saints do live to fight another day, Valentines Day in fact, and there’ll be no love lost at Victoria Park.

The result itself was not a surprise based on recent form for Saints but there’s a chance to get back in the hearts of the Paisley faithful by progressing through the Cup replay

Hearts could be the opponents if St Mirren go through and with the cup exit of Rangers, a path further through the cup is possible with an away draw with either Hearts or the Perth Saints.

So, there’s the narrow escape, there’s also the hope raised of a possible cup quarter final.

The danger remains in the SPL and without the boost of a win in the cup-tie St Mirren now face Motherwell who had a more than convincing win against our friends from Greenock last weekend.

Moans, Murmurs, Grumblings and in some places outright arguments in the stands at St Mirren Park during the County game. Doom and Gloom on the forums inevitably followed.

Danny Lennon still has a task ahead to plot a few wins in the SPL to get to the position where fans can be secure in the knowledge that this season will not see a relegation battle.

I blogged last time on Saints sitting 3 points off the top six and the relative position backward to Hibs and Dunfermline.

The danger of hope is that whilst we are hoping for the early season form to return that Saints are slowly drawn toward a dogfight at the bottom.

A cup exit, which was narrowly avoided, would have drawn the league position into sharper focus.

Danny Lennon was quote worthy after the Rangers win on Christmas Eve for the footballing philosophy and ‘winning the right way’, all that stuff.

It’s harder now to take belief from those quotes after a very indifferent run of results.

I’ve said about having a tighter set up, playing less of the tippy tappy and pleased to see our manager recognises it too as per recent interviews.

Goals are key now and a formation that feeds the Thommohawk is a must. Goals and knockdowns and half chances getting converted please!!

High Time for a Win Danny!


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