Newco has happened and despite what the print and other media are telling us, it has nothing but noise to make, no authenticity, no history, no legacy.

It was born out of squalid circumstance, a necessary creation to avoid paying back creditors and to create a new debt free structure. Money will be invested in it, but no tax will be recovered from it for the actions of its predecessor.

We’re told by the Daily Record that Sky will not screen an SPL without this creation. We’re told that clubs will go to the wall by their cheerleaders in the media.

So what? Clubs like St Mirren have survived relegation and that lack of income. You cut your cloth to suit your circumstances.

This Zombie shouldn’t be tolerated, it shouldn’t dictate anything to Scottish Football.

The SFA and SPL need to show backbone in dealing with it, it’s a vehicle to carry on and try to get away with the wrongdoing of its previous owners.

Maybe not the fault of its supporters, they certainly gloried in the triumphs of its dead predecessor.

Simple message for SPL chairman.

Say no to Newco.

And save Scottish Football from doing the wrong thing.


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