Cycling. Olympics Men Road Race

As a cycling fan I was disappointed by how Saturday’s Olympic Men’s Road Race panned out, but in terms of the race itself and the winner there’s no dispute, it was a great race and a great finish.

I’m gutted for Cav, but there was no way that once the break reached six minutes and with the numbers involved in it, that a mini team of riders (with no next to no useful help) could reel it in.

The factors involved were the point that the break happened (after an unofficial piss stop), the composition of the initial break, mainly single riders but from different countries; ensuring a limited number interested in chasing and the peleton’s knowledge that the GB riders wanted to control the race for a sprint.

As it happened the break was so nearly reeled in, but by doing do created a larger group ahead.

For me it was tactically poor by team GB, no one went in the initial break to police it, no one was able to jump into the later bigger break group and team GB got stiffed.

Gutted for a great rider not getting gold, but to a fair extent after the worlds in Copenhagen last year, the field knew pretty much what to expect.


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