An answer to Holy Willie’s Prayer?

I’ll begin by quoting a Scottish football journalist.

“This might stick in the craw of those Holy Willies who believe EBT payments to have been the work of the devil, or worse, Rangers, but it might be the time to drop this costly SPL charade.”

For me, I have to admit, it’s a well written introduction to an article.

It alludes to one of the finest works of Robert Burns. A poem that ridicules a character who he observed at church, a church elder who is a hypocrite and through his prayer, Burns weaves Willie’s scorn and hatred for his fellows whilst downplaying his own sins and transgressions.

Our sports writer is commenting on cyberfans, tweeters, bloggers and forumsters that have held a line over this summer over the demise and rebirth of Rangers. He’s long held a dislike for faceless snipers on the Internet and even calls them deranged.

The summer has seen many flavours of comment from fans of other clubs over the Internet.

There’s been serious analytical blogs that have examined each twist and turn of the story with a forensic rigour.

On the flip side, the forums have thrown up a plethora of threads with a mix of nonsense images and clear cold thoughts on the matter.

So, a Hypocrisy in the manner of Holy Willie?

From the circle of St Mirren and other SPL fans that I follow on twitter, I’ve seen little in way of hypocrisy or blind hatred toward Rangers. The tone has been clear enough and the main view has been “what if it happened to our club”

I think we, by and large, know that answer and we saw Gretna’s spectacular rise and equally swift exit from Scottish Football. We saw Airdrie having to take over the carcus of Clydebank to survive. We saw Livingston plummet and Dundee lose out on promotion by points deduction.

No hypocrisy can exist from wanting to see the rules apply to one club as they would with any other.

A suspicion existed that our teams might not see the chiefs of the SPL and SFA rush to their club’s aid or see a summit to facilitate a transfer of membership to the new club and a soft landing in the first division.

Hypocrisy might be in dark recesses of the Scottish media where we were reliably informed that Scottish Football would see ‘Financial Armageddon’ and where day after day the pressure was applied in the back pages over clubs going out of business and even the spectre of social unrest.

Hypocrisy might exist where you praise a chairman of a football club for “succulent lamb” and being blinded to how that club funded their box office signings in that period.

I have no idea how that writer’s newspaper is doing in terms of circulation, I do wonder how he feels about his ‘diddy’ chaperone on his weekly phone in show.

Anyway,we can be pretty sure that Holy Willie’s prayer wasn’t answered.

We can also be pretty sure that ‘this charade’ of a season will see itself out and the sky won’t fall in.


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