Nothing New.

An away defeat after the hope brought by a convincing Home win.

‘It’s the St Mirren way’, ‘Saints always do that’

Hmm. It’s inconsistent, it’s not taking chances. It’s a wee bit of something lacking.

Still a barrier to saints progress. To be a top six side, you need to win two in a row.

(I’d be ripping the shite by suggesting Saints are allowed to win more than two in a row)

Killie were apparently there for the taking in the first half but missing chances and ‘fannying about at the back’ saw a defeat rather than anything taken from the game.

Shiels will use that ‘you were crap but you won’ and build on it. Killie will probably win on their next time out, use the momentum and go past saints in the league table.

I have no idea how a winning mentality is installed to a group of players and maybe missing the chances was plain old bad luck but can we start a ‘don’t fanny about at the back mentality’?

Hopefully we’re good enough to avoid any relegation worries this season, but having a run now and again helps.

Apologies as above isn’t my best bit of writing..


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