Heat and Noise – Scottish Football

Loudest and most vocal critics of the new 12-12-18 proposals are The Rangers FC.

Why? It’s an opportunity to have a dig at those that wouldn’t let the new club straight into the SPL and a mischief making opportunity, one that could see then go through the leagues quicker.

If no reformation and back to back promotions are achieved under current structure:-

2012/2013 Third Division
2013/2014 Second Division
2014/2015 First Division
2015/2016 SPL

New structure

2012/13 Third Division
2013/14 ‘National League’
2014/15 ‘Scottish Championship /SPL2’
2015/16 ‘SPL’

The arguments made yesterday were about this season being pointless for them as they’d start again at the bottom, in actuality it makes no difference on time to play thru the leagues, in fact with the 8-8-8 split of the top two leagues, they’d be playing SPL teams in 2014/15.

The stuff about going to England and suing UEFA can be ignored, but it’s a threat and its guaranteed that someone at Hampden is hiding behind the sofa and will be wanting to make a concession to Green and McCoist.

The Concession will be that The Rangers will be allowed to jump into the
Scottish Championship or SPL 2

2012/2013 Third Division
2013/2014 ‘Scottish Championship’
2014/2015 SPL

That would mean them being able to win the championship presplit and play against bottom 4 SPL sides by the end of next season.

As a jump its huge

Winning Division 3 gets you to be the 33rd best team in Scotland’s league set up. By promotion you replace the 31st or 32nd best team (subject to the playoffs) in division 2.

A jump into the new championship or SPL2 gets you into position 24 minimum for the worst side and 13 for the best side, but with the mid season split and eight some reels, it means that you’re playing the SPL bottom 4 by end of season.

So the heat and light is about skipping an inconvenient season and getting back to the top quicker.

If you actually think otherwise..


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