Bricks and Building

Pictures of a lego train. Yeah. I needed something to put my attention on after my mum passed away.

Effectively off work for two weeks, still busy with kids, things to do, people to see etc.

I needed something to occupy me. The set I’ve built is the horizon express, it’s a very good take on the original TGV shape and livery.








My assistant is there in quite a few pictures showing the different stages and gave me some use of the phone camera, Instagram and the picture montage app, so a little bit of creativity, time to use my hands and try to get back to normality.

I’m not sure what my mum would have made of me doing that. I hope she ‘d have laughed at the pictures, but probably would think I was being a big wean too. She’d have asked if I’d let our little guys handle it and how much it cost.

I am missing her, it’s been just over two weeks and I’ve went to look at phone to call her. Thought about her and been happy that she’s no longer in pain , she’s no longer worrying or being sore.

I was the one that got the call from the care service at the sheltered housing.

But in dealing with the ambulance guy, the police too and then the undertakers, led into the rest of the things needed to get her cremated. We needed documents and bits and pieces for the service and crematorium, step by step stuff but a heck of a process. Thankfully everyone we dealt with were so helpful.

The busy-ness and business of it meant that grief hit me on the Wednesday afternoon after I finally stopped for a while and I just lay down and sobbed, had a hard couple of days before the memorial service.

So after the service, which was a comfort and a help to me. I never expected it to be something I’d be grateful for, I needed to pick up the pieces.

Building the lego helped me too. Busy hands and all.


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