Independence doesn’t have to mean upheaval

For my sins, I watched BBC’s This Week which followed Question Time.

I won’t get into Andrew Neil, his panel or guests, but the White Paper on independence was mocked early in the programme. Like any other political big idea.

My memory isn’t good enough to quote verbatim, but it went “They’re going to keep the Pound”, ”They’re going to keep the Queen” , ‘they’re keeping the EU’, the BBC, NATO..

Maybe the establishment in London expected something more radical, a republic, a grunted braveheart proposal to reintroduce heavy industry whilst watching the 1950’s repeated on an early STV permaloop. I have no idea of their expectations and to be honest, I’m not sure that I care much either.

Anyway, they missed the point about the things being kept. It’s the things that independence ditches that matter.

Ditching Westminister.
Ditching elections where Scotland gets a government it never voted for.
Ditching the House of Lords.
Ditching London and it’s economic vacuum that sucks in all life.
Ditching the Daily Mail and whatever ‘Middle England’ might be.
Ditching (the misnamed) UKIP.

A Yes vote delivers that change, that break from a political and electoral system that’s no longer suiting Scots.

The base assumption of the No’s, that rUK inherits everything that the current pre-Scottish independence UK has, then needs to be challenged over the next few months.

Most Scots have been ‘ruled’ by Elizabeth, as Queen of Scots, informed, educated and entertained by the BBC, protected by the NATO alliance, had pounds and pence in our pockets and been European Citizens, most, if not all, of our lives.

Why should we have to think of giving those things up? And why should those things be exclusive to accepting the supremacy of Westminster?

The argument that Scotland and rUK would both be successor states needs advanced and if negotiations are going to progress after a Yes vote, then the starting point of ‘How do we share what we already have’ is infinitely more enlightened than the shrill ‘You can’t have what you’ve already got after independence, because we say so’

(I’m a not a member of any political group or party, although I’m for supporting a Yes vote in 2014′ )


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