Connecting Glasgow Airport?

Some news on the replacement for the scrapped Glasgow Airport Rail Link last week. The Scotsman newspaper printed some interesting diagrams of potential routes.

Potentially tram-trains running around and under the M8 White Cart Viaduct near to the airport.

<img src="http://cbhc smc hjyt n Kim

g” alt=”20140324-203139.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />
I think GARL is shown red on this plan. It was meant to intersects the St James playing fields on a raised track bed and goes over a six lane section of the M8 befo euu
uuntering the airport where the fuel farm and a private nursery are located.WSSo
More interestingly in Green is an optional route using a former branch line track bed that runs under the Renfrew Road, Past the former Reid Kerr College site and over into the airport complex from the west on a new bridge over $$the White Cart.
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This is a more sensitive route, forking off the Inverclyde line and towards the airport at the edge of the playing fields and then in under the Elevated M8 sections. There might be issues with ground conditions and the curves needed to get to the station but it might be possible with a tram vehicle.

Returning to the green route. It was a former railway to Renfrew with a station called Abercorn. A stop there might be handy for the nearby college and possibly as a North Paisley station.


I’d go further and combine the proposals as a route running from Arkleston Junction to Abercorn then Glasgow Airport then back to Paisley St James and Paisley Gilmour Street in one direction and vice versa.

Tram-Trains could run to the Airport directly from Glasgow Central in one direction direct, then go into Paisley and do the same the other way. A direct and also a via Paisley connection for the airport.

I apologise for the quality of my drawing, as ‘m not brilliant at graphics, but hopefully the gist of the idea is there.


I hope such a proposal can be looked at as a step forward in public transport for Renfrewshire and the West of Scotland.

The Tram-Train study going on for Sheffield/Rotherham hopefully shouldn’t slow progress on plans to connect up Glasgow Airport.

There has been previous, if fleeting mentions of the West of Scotland Conurbation Public Transport Study over the years, online and in planning and transport documents, but it would be good to see the body of proposals especially if conversion of lines to light rail or tram train is proposed and to see the potential to build on the heavy rail network in and around Glasgow.

Maybe we’ll have to wait and see if it’s part of the ‘City Deal’ that is sought for Glasgow and the Clyde Valley with wider linkages for funding, but a loop line at Glasgow Airport makes sense to look at and see if it can bring connection benefits for the airport and Paisley.


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