A poster too far?

Journeys where you can’t see out the window are boring. You have to look at other people, especially on things like underground carriages.

Adverts help you avoid the eye contact.


This one is being removed from the Glasgow Subway, it promotes a pro independence website. It’s not directly saying vote yes. The only reason I see for it’s removal is it’s (somewhat mild) criticism of the Scottish Media.

Thing is though, that the advert ‘seems’ right, or that it strikes a cord with most that have seen it.

The media have been generally pro-union or go with an article format that gives the no campaign a say at the start (usually with the headline) and as a rebuttal to a yes message at the end.

The public are wise to it and a bit fed up of the negativity presented.

The alternatives of social media, blogs and websites have been embraced, newspaper sales keep going down.

We’re still to hear positive noises for the union and the no camp looks fractured after the big dambuster of currency didn’t hit home the way the no camp expected and the big bomb only made ripples back toward them as their message looked like ‘Tories, Labour and Liberals say the same thing, so are the same thing’

The poster isn’t a step too far, it’s a reaction to a skewed media viewpoint on indyref and a biased starting point of making the Yes campaign set out their stall over every issue, even if it requires post independence vote discussions with the rUK.

It will be interesting to see if the Advertising Watchdogs think it should be banned.

SPT have acted maybe too quickly on the matter and seem to be an easy target for the twitterati over the next few days and SPT will have to explain why the posters were removed.

I also reckon on the subway seeing direct action and it’s trains and stations will no doubt be stickered with yes messages as a form of grassroots and youthful defiance of ‘the ban’

At least someone will get a bit of overtime out of it.


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