Darling Cybernats.

Apologies to the Daily Telegraph, but the best way to illustrate the story.

He’s claiming that Bill Murdo of Barrhead Travel got unreasonable treatment from ‘cybernats’

Of course, the e-mail from Bill Murdo telling his staff how to vote for their own good was glazed over.

So what’s a cybernat?

The daily telegraph’s report makes them look like bad nasty people who are all over the poor little no campaign.

Is a cybernat –

A supporter of the Yes campaign?

Someone like say Dennis Canavan?
Tommy Sheridan? Pat Kane? Lesley Riddoch? Jim Sillars? Derek Bateman?

Labour4Indy? 10.01 campaign? Radical independence? Academics for Yes? Green Yes2014?

Ordinary people who are not SNP members?

I tweet and retweet messages from the people and groups named above as well as many Scots and non-Scots supporters of the yes campaign. I’ve retweeted Alistair Darling, London and Scottish based newspapers.

I post on twitter using my own name, I’ve never to my knowledge used someone’s @ name handle and abused them. I suspect there’s many ‘cybernats’ like me.

I’ve certainly interacted with them and found them in the main decent, humorous and witty. They care about the direction of our country and from many different towns and from many different backgrounds see independence as the only answer for our country.

I’m a long time poster on football message boards where you use an avatar and alias.

Even on those sites people know that if you are abusive that you can be easily found through the IP address of your internet connection.

But for years forumsters were abused by radio phone on hosts as keyboard hardmen or as hiding behind a computer.

Nothing can be further from the truth as there’s a diverse group of people of all ages and backgrounds who follow their teams with a passion and use humour and banter to rip each other’s fellow supporters or teams apart.

These guys (and girls) can form an argument, know the score, can go long on WordPress or other blogs or short on twitter, can recycle a picture or headline on a mobile phone or tablet.

People like forumsters and regular tweeters know the score on line, it’s better to be sarcastic or prove wrong the politicians that throwing about scare stories or peddling half truths.

If Alistair Darling wants to stop being abused online I hope he uses the relevant reporting functions and/or contacts the police. There’s no excuse for that.

If he’s trying to silence ordinary people who can work twitter, see the debate and disagree with him, he’s wrong and he’ll get back debate and argument and reasoned points. So will any other politician for the no campaign.

If you’re saying I’m a keyboard hard man or hiding behind a computer, that’s fair enough Alistair, I don’t have access to journalists to express my views and opinions.

I’m an ordinary citizen with a viewpoint different to yours. I tweet. I blog. If people read that, then great.

I’m not a councillor, an MP, a former member of the government or Chancellor of the Exchequer or Chief Secretary to the Treasury. I’ve no access to the media and I can’t spin anything.

I’m probably a ‘cybernat’ though and I’ll do what I can to see a Yes vote in September.



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