Catch 22. London and the congestion charge.

My son is autistic, we have a car through the motability scheme and a blue badge for parking.

We’re going to see the London eye on one of the days he’s not at nursery. Ideally we need his wheelchair and to get parked somewhere in the congestion zone in the centre for maybe seeing another museum or attractions.


So yeah congestion charge might be an issue.


Tenner for the day, but look, I can click and see if they do a blue badge exemption, surely I’d be able to..


So a 100% discount, but there’s a ten pound admin fee and a six page form that needs photo copies of details etc etc.


Hmm 10 day admin period and we’re going inside the next ten days.

So.. In effect we’re not any better off unless we were in London a number of times over their periods for use.

Looks like we’re not gonna be bringing the car into Central London and we’ll jump a tube or a mainline train park and ride.



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