The opposite view – 29 reasons.. ?

Twitter is great, I like it, it’s immediate, it’s diverse, I get my football scores, news, views, some funny stuff, what people are doing,

But it can get you followers that agree with you and vice versa. Great when you support a team and want your fellow fans, but maybe not so good for seeing every viewpoint and ‘Indyref’ is certainly a ‘marmite’ situation

Sometimes you need to see where the no vote is. When I can’t sleep I try and see if I find it. It can bother me. Who’s spreading the case for the union . Where is it?

Here’s some stuff that’s being bandied around. It’s possibly fairly convincing sounding to your average person.

There’s no reason to insult the intelligence of the people forwarding this stuff and it ‘ll be doing the rounds in Facebook. One dominant family member or friend in a group will see it running about I guess.




That’s 1. Here’s another:- >

20140408-062437.jpg that’s another. It goes on. I’m not for linking to that site, hence the screenshots.

Check it out, think how much rebuttal the arguments would need.

Would you argue that out on your Facebook wall/ thread even if you knew It was wrong?

It seems to be facts, it seems to say what people want. Very dangerous and very much propaganda of the classic sort. >


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