The Negotiators??

So, we’ve read that in case Yes prevails that Alex Salmond has reached out and spoke to other parties about a negotiating team for Scotland which may start work a few days after the referendum result.

Who is on Alex’s dream team?

Will it go as far as to include known opponents of Yes and what kind of people would Salmond need?

At Westminster, there’s 41 Labour MP’s, 11 Lib Dems and 1 Tory, excluding the 6 SNP MP’s

I’d assume the like of Salmond, Sturgeon and Swinney as givens from the Current Scottish Government, Angus Robertson as being the SNP Westminster leader and got his background in organising campaigns, but I’d wonder how far an SNP representation would go on such a negotiating group.

Would the feelers go to labour and in particular ex-ministers?

Say Douglas Alexander? Current shadow foreign secretary and who had a number of ministerial roles under Blair and Brown.

Would be useful for knowledge of diplomacy, contacts at Whitehall and Westminster as well as knowledge of Europe and trade.

Say Jim Murphy – shadow defence secretary and former Scottish Secretary. Has held again a number of government posts.

I doubt Alistair Darling would be able to come on board despite his knowledge of the treasury and I doubt if Danny Alexander could either. Both have said too much in too hard a way to be acceptable or credible to the grass routes yessers.

Would Gordon Brown involve himself? I’d doubt it, although his experience and knowledge is the type required. If we’re dissolving the United Kingdom, then having an idea of how it was run is essential.

I’m not sure Lib Dem backbench MP’s would get involved, Ming Campbell certainly had experience and was a former Lib Dem leader and practised as an advocate. Charles Kennedy as another former Lib Dem leader.

Ok then, the House of Lords.
Jim Wallace, former MP, MSP, deputy FM, current Advocate General for Scotland? A lawyer that has held offices of state in Scotland and for current coalition.

Would any Tory lords choose to be Scottish first.
Annabel Goldie is no nonsense, a good speaker and another lawyer. But would she be able to act for Scotland?

Same goes for a number of the Tory former Secretaries of State for Scotland. Lang? Forsyth?

There’s no SNP peers of course. No grandees that could be chosen, but people like Dennis Canavan and Jim Sillars have spoken for yes.

For me, Patrick Harvie is a must and there should be socialist representation too

Whether it would be unfair to use judges from the Court of Session I’m unsure. I’m not sure about whether there are Church of Scotland or other faith representatives that could represent the people.

There might well be actors or singers or activists out there worth considering too. Pat Kane or some of the actors that have spoken out.

The delegation might be unwieldy or hard for Salmond to shepherd but one thing is for sure, they’ll be a damn sight better than the parcel o rogues that sold themselves out for the union.


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