London Calling

Easter holidays for the kids schools and nurseries. So we did Legoland again, Chessington (although poor provision of disabled parking didn’t help ) and London.

Our passes let us go on the London Eye and we decided to bite the bullet on the congestion charge and drive right in.

Came in off the M4 and A4 route, through Knightsbridge and into Westminster to get to the South Bank for the Eye. We got parked near the Royal Festival Hall and South Bank Arts complex

That route in passed many of the famous buildings in the city .

The eye itself is pretty amazing, with good weather you could see most of the main landmarks like Wembley ,Olympic Stadium, the Houses of Parliament , Canary Wharf/Docklands also saw the River Boats from above and right opposite the eye were things like the Ministry of Defence and Buckingham Palace.

From above we could see red London buses and on the streets we also had a few sightings of the Boris Bus, the buses seemed frequent, modern and mostly to be moving air around the city.

After the London Eye we went on the ‘River Bus’ to North Greenwich to the O2 or Millenium Dome , an impressive journey down river using catamaran type tourist boats.

Once at the O2 we took the Emirates Air-Link which is a cable car over the River Thames and I guess it links the O2 and Excel Arenas.

The kids enjoyed that too with views over East London, the Docklands Redevelopment, The Olympic Park and toward the city and things like ‘The Shard’

We travelled back on the river bus and went into the aquarium in the City Hall building before heading home.

Our route out of London took us through Theatreland, past Harrods and back to the M4.

A great day out with the kids, fantastic things to do and see, but in my mind was a nagging thought how many things have my taxes and other Scots taxes paid for directly or indirectly? I’m guessing the stuff in bold was in some way or other over the years.

It started when my daughter saw a Boris Bus and asked innocently why we didn’t have things like that at home.

Anyway, Legoland is calling..


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