So, say Scotland actually choked.

Bottle crashed, collapsed nerve, voted no to independence.

What next??

‘Told you so – they couldn’t do it’
‘Resign Salmond!’
‘Only Labour can sort this out!’
‘It’s an expensive talking shop’

The frame gets set up for the 2015 general election for Westminster.

A buoyant Cameron after he’s faced down the threat to the union, a speech about the Scottish people having spoken and had their say.

Milliband droning on about being united to tackle the mess of the coalition.

A lag, a drift in Scotland, an SNP government deflated by the referendum.

Calls for no more changes , enough devolution, a stream of mocking at every chance from the opposition leaders.

‘You’ve lost and you’ve to pay the price for it.’

Some announcements for ships on the Clyde, or for funding this or that from Westminster.

From the south, ukip wind up the rhetoric, they get more than enough under Barnett, it’s time for a common sense funding approach for these assemblies. Why should Middle England pay for their fripperies?

2015 comes around. Scotland votes Labour, but Cameron has done just enough to form a government with ukip backing.

Anti-European attitudes harden, tax cuts are announced, but austerity still can’t end.

Boom-time in London and the south-east, they’ve never had it so good.

A quiet scrapping of HS2 as being too expensive, alternatives will be found, meanwhile schemes in London approved as necessary for the economy.

Wind Power attacked as being useless and as a blight on the countryside.

Changes will be made to bring education and healthcare in the devolved administrations into line with the English Systems.

‘It’s a shared national resource, we cannot have inequality in treatment across our country’

Changes at Westminster, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MP’s blocked from voting on ‘English matters’, new arrangements made for ‘Union matters’

Barnett formula attacked as being outdated and not fit for Modern Britain, Holyrood’s funding to be reduced from 2017, efficiencies need to be found.

A review announced into devolution, why so many MSP’s and Assembly members, proposals that MP and MSP roles could be merged to save on duplication and costs….

so, if you get that one chance in September – do you vote No and hope things stay the same?


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