Moyes – what happened?


1. Out of his depth.

I doubt it. Moyes progressed upward through English football by the time he was handed the united job he had plenty of experience as a coach and also managing money signings. 15 years experience as a manager at Everton and Preston before taking on the Manchester United job.

In that time he’ll have seen all the nonsense that can go on at clubs and dealt with his own share of players either needing cuddled or their backsides booted.

2. Wrong Man, Wrong Time.

Seen this used today. Not sure I agree. The sports hacks all acclaimed Moyes as Ferguson’s successor. It won’t take much work searching to find pieces last year gushing over Moyes appointment.

On the surface and at the time, he seemed the ideal successor. Why would he get a six year contract?

Much was made of stability in his time as Everton manager, his successor seems to have benefitted from it.

3. No one could replace auld red face.

Bayern Munich could have said the same about replacing their manager recently. Jupp Heynckes had a quadruple last season, Bayern are known as ‘FC Hollywood’ and there are legendary stories of big signings, managers and officials falling out.

Could this be turned around to being that the MUFC organisation botched the transition? Obviously Bayern took on Guardiola after his enforced break and there was a period of preparation before he fully took on the role.

What lead in and lead up work was done for Moyes? Presumably he was fed information whilst still at Everton, his predecessor will have called him and spoke to him, but was it enough?

4. Lost the dressing room.

So where did he put it? ( ha ha ha ha ha!)

Did Moyes change training methods significantly?

Did he upset the playing squad?

Bear in mind that Ferguson entrusted day to day training to the coaching staff at the appropriate level, but he saw, heard and knew what was going on.

I’d guess that Moyes didn’t upset the apple cart too much initially and didn’t make change for changes sake.

He’s not the type to do a ‘ shove your medals in the bin’ type Brian Clough type speech.

Obviously Moyes had a learning curve, new place, new people, different ways and traditions to pick up. My instinct is that he would have known much of it instinctively.

Any failure on the pitch would stem from the training ground. Modern large clubs are geared that way, whatever issues Moyes ‘lost’, they were at the training complex.

5. Stabbed in the back.

The players didn’t play for him, unwilling to take his coaching.
Really? In the modern game?

Maybe there’s a slightly more complex process involving factions in the dressing room, senior players and coaching staff.

A bubbling pot of ego that through his psychology, firmness, reputation and experience that Ferguson could keep a lid on.

Moyes comes in. Maybe has to place his authority on an individual over an incident – boom! – ego overload, ‘can’t treat me like that’ ‘I’m not …’ Then a whispering campaign starts..

Anyway, my view?

The organisation didn’t handle the changeover as well as it could, Ferguson’s shadow hung over Moyes at every turn.

Were the Glaziers well enough informed as to how to handle a long term manager retiring? What was in place?

Add to that a squad of players that had a few star turns, but was ageing and didn’t have the benefit of a full hearted Ferguson style overhaul.

The ambitions of the Class of 92? There in the background, professional on the pitch and at training, but maybe sensing an opportunity. Experienced enough to know the club inside out, the gripes of the players, how ferguson worked the players best and who was trying and who wasn’t.

Media pressure told in the end, blood was sniffed, no mistake was let go.

Fans have their part to play too – expectation, lack of patience, pressure, lazy belief in a winning side, elements of glory hunting and football tourism too. Not always was the atmosphere up to scratch and too often Moyes got blamed for his players.

The answer? A complete clear out as far as possible, root out the bad ‘uns. Sadly Moyes isn’t there to do it…


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