A strange kind of nationalism.

I’ve never thought myself ‘nationalist’ before the indyref campaign started.

(I know it’s supposedly ‘unofficial at the minute)

I thought ‘I’m proud to be Scottish’ – jings , I nearly started a better together spiel there – but,.. I wasn’t a ‘tartan clad fanny’ as the lads on certain football forums would say. Being ultra- Scottish and pushing it every chance that I got, wasn’t my thing.

I’ve got Scotland shirts but have survived away trips wearing jeans.

The Olympics did my head in. The blanket ban on the welsh and scottish flags, the bleak uniformity of that Union Jack being passed over to the athlete if they won.

And so it’s went onward and the campaign by the no camp, makes me (partially) want to vote yes just to piss them off. I’m sick of ‘today’s scare’ and I’m sure many people are too.

I’m not buying George Galloway’s a bus driver in Bradford is the same as one in Glasgow.

I’m not buying the arguments on currency, defence, jobs that they’ve put across.

I know I’m a European citizen right now and I don’t expect that to change.

I want a fairer society, I want breathing space for all of us that have been shafted since Brown and Darling broke the economy.

I don’t want empty high streets but full out of town shopping centres and superstores.

I’d like real jobs and prospects for the kids out there. I’d like investment in infrastructure to connect up our villages. towns and cities in every way.

I want a greener energy mix fuelling our homes. I’d like to see more Scots having their own businesses and futures.

A no vote won’t bring me closer to it.

It’s not separatism – Scotland has never been a region. Always a country, but subject to the union.

It’s not Nationalism like the Nazi’s or the far right groups, it’s not a tweedy Farage style assertion of ‘Them and Us’

I don’t have a tea towel with ‘wae’s like us? Fuck all and they’re aw Deid’ or with the Arbroath declaration or with the list of greats Scots inventions.

I don’t hate the English (beyond the boo hiss of rugby and football) I’ve had colleagues, friends and relatives that are ‘Nigel’s. (I support them at cricket!)

I don’t see a racial element that ‘ethnic Scots’ (whatever that might be) are better than anyone else on our islands or any other Scots living here.

I love Braveheart but know it’s factually garbage.

I sung ‘flower of Scotland’ before it became an ‘anthem’ and a bit of a dirge if not done properly.

I own a kilt, but hate the hassle of all the bits to wear at a wedding.

I love Haggis, but sliced and for a breakfast roll.

In background and shared experience, I’m no different to anyone of a similar age to me.

I suspect that indyref is our one chance to get something better than what we have. I want it for my kids.

It’s a strange sort of nationalism. A strange sort that I’ve tuned into and believed in.


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