But in the books.. (Game of Thrones Season 4)

I’m shocked, finally actually shocked at this week’s Game of Thrones.

It’s diverging from the books!!

For all that George RR Martin’s series of A Song of Ice and Fire books are brilliant, as a reader you know that it can’t possibly all fit into television, compromises have to be made.

We’re still at around the mark of halfway through the third book (with exceptions here and there) and this is season four with only another ten episodes (bear in mind seasons three and four have extended episodes) in this run.

HBO have announced seasons five and six (presumably another ten each filmed back to back) but would that get us through and past book four of the series?

Or.. Do the show’s producers have to get us there quicker? Will 2015 see two seasons of the show and 2016 possibly seasons seven and eight?

Tonight’s scenes may only be as a means to allow episodes later in this season to concentrate on events in other locations.

There are a couple of notable things I can think of, that are to come and will tonight’s episode (Oathkeeper) be a marker that’s returned to.

So, I’m shocked but not surprised, I’m a fan of both the show and the books and think that we need slight divergence for to make it work and to tag together the different story lines.

It’s a big jump forward in one certain storyline, but it will be something agreed between GRRM and the producers, possibly a ‘if only I had did this sooner’ on Martin’s part.

6 more episodes. How many more surprises? I’m loving it so far though.

(Hopefully nearly spoiler free)


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