‘No that independence pish again’

‘Aw man, no that independence pish again ‘


‘It’s shite for everybody, who is that Salmond anyway, he’s telling us nuthin.’

‘Aye, but..’

‘And her.. She stauns there and says it’ll aw be this or aw be that, like it’s easy’

‘But it is..’

‘Naw, but ah’m no saying whit she’s saying, ah’m seeing aw the news, aw the news and no just that big guy, but her wi the posh voice anaw’

‘And whit?’

‘It’s aw we can dae this, and then naw yeese cannie, ah don’t like that Danny but he must, ye hear me, he must know whit’s going oan!’

‘Aye but, he…’

‘A Tory? naw, naw, naw, he’s no, but he knows..’


‘Look ? Ye cannae just magic up a new country wi’ border posts and passports an different money an pay for aw they banks’

‘C’mon, it’s no…’

‘no that simple? aye right, it’s no, years it’d take an we’d be a wee country on the edge o things’

‘But, there’s Norway an…’

‘Aye, but they’ve been daeing that thing for years, years man. We just cannae turn aroon and say gies mare tax for aw that oil’

‘How no…’

‘but ye cannae just dae that’

‘Dae whit? ‘

‘Just, you know, walk out on them, turn aroon and gie it aw the “see yeese later”‘

‘We’d still be in Europe’

‘Europe? Europe? Huv you seen that Farage, he’s a right wan, shat it, by the way, and anyway naw we wouldnae cause there’s a vote oan that Europe anaw.’

‘Its after the referendum and the..’

‘Election? He’ll no get in. He’s no the man, ah mind John Smith and Dewar and that Robin Cook. He wus right, Right! Y’know, that wan was at it wi his weapons o ‘ masswhitevertheywir’

‘Eh, destruction?’

‘Aye, that’s it and aw those poor lads getting flown back and that village man. aw o’them anaw… But it’s no aboot aw that, it’s aboot yer Braveheart an big flags an yer signs an aw that, but whit aboot me?’


‘Aye, me.. My weans an that’

‘ there’ll still..’

‘Nae cbeebies man, an nae telly anaw. well I don’t watch that BBC much, she does. There’ll be none o’ that..’

‘But Ireland gets aw the BBC..’

‘Aye nae wonder, you wid anaw, it’s crazy man, yir saying there saying it’s aw gonnae be fine, but ah’m no that daft, ah see right through aw this stuff!’

‘Whit stuff?’

‘Aw this, no much’ll chinge stuff, aw that, aw the it’s oor oil and we can be part o Europe and free at the same time stuff’

‘Ah didnae’

‘Ye did, ye wir gieing it the big “aye it’s fine and nae bother and..’


‘Aw that, “they’ve ran things better than labour did and that nae prescriptions stuff” and aw that’

Aye, did..

‘Did ye? Aye ye did, are you wan o them Cybernats man? Are you up at night oan that internet, seeing aw that stuff and going aye, aye, aye..’

‘Naw, I read that stuff oan..’

‘Yes… Aye, it’s aw easy, aw those big posters and aw that stuff in the papers and that advert wi yon wee lassie..’

‘You’ve.. ‘

‘Aye, a’ve read it, of course ah Huv, Scottish edukation ‘an that’


‘Fuck it, ah’m fucked if ah’m daeing whit the Tories tell me.’


Have a look the information is out there.


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