Strips, St Mirren and Stripes

2014/15 kit

Actually worse than the bib


Yup worse than the worst.
We want stripes, but how many?


This was regarded as a classic strip despite only two/three stripes pattern
Slightly more stripes in the umbro shirts that preceded them

Probably a five and four stripes, looks right.

As does this..


In modern times this sort is acceptable


And the obvious retro is this..


And this..


And whilst not stripes at all, this is classic


So, given all the visual inspiration from St Mirren’s history, where exactly were the designers at JD Sport coming from? We’re told it’s not a template kit from the press release. So why specifically go so thin on the stripes?, no stripes on sleeves, but white with a yellow trim, and how did that Shield sponsor fit in? An attempt to go further?

For me saints should have a 5/4 or 6/5 stripe pattern. White base black stripes and if needed red trim.

Is this too hard a job?


Maybe next year?


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