Danny Lennon. Should he stay at St Mirren?


So, a board meeting on Thursday. St Mirren safe from the playoff, by seventh place lost by tonight’s results.

Let’s have a look over the season..




Hmm. You’ll see my scrawling of red for losses and green for wins..



Not brilliant eh?


All in all a disappointment. But job done.

Do we as St Mirren fans expect too much? On radio a pundit reckoned that we did when there were previous calls for Lennon’s head. (Miller)

We’ve had the generally St Mirren hating press wanting us down for seasons. (If you’re an offended journalist, then wtf are you reading my pish for?)

In 2014/15 we won’t have Hearts on -15 at day one. In 14/15 Saints cannot afford to carry these sequences of results, inconsistency is one thing, but a season long malaise is quiet another. Very fortunate that Saints took a few results pre split and carried them on.

Season after Season in the forums I’ve used the phrase ‘sniffing the gusset of the top six’ – not pleasant, but descriptive, Saints need to become established, not a perennial relegation candidate, not a club to be sneered at by the press.

Stability is something, a harmony in the dressing room another. At times St Mirren lurched and creeked through the season. The bright lights? John McGinn, Kenny McLean, the young full backs, Stevie Thompson getting that haul of goals.

I’ve been vocal on twitter. I wanted Lennon out, there were signing debacles, crises created by bringing in the wrong sorts of players, slumps in form, bad results.

Is it all Lennon’s fault? No, of course it isn’t. Some responsibility lies in the dressing room, can we blame the young lads for inconsistency? Can we fault trying to play a young back four?

We need hope. We need Isma back. We need at least two midfielders, especially if McLean goes. McGowan owes the club for sticking by him after his stupidity last summer. An experienced centre half possibly as cover?

I don’t know. I don’t know the answer on Danny Lennon either, But the consortium running St Mirren have to take that decision, they also need to put in place a plan of some sort for next two or so seasons, selling the club or not, what is the aim?

For me, it’s a top six finish. I’d accept being safe from relegation and the play
Off before the split. I’ve said that before though.

St Mirren are nearing a decade back in the top flight. 2003/4 was the season Gus MacPherson figured it out and got St Mirren to second in the first division before cracking it the next season.

If Danny stays. A plan must be in place, play the younger guys by all means, but a core of experience too. A genuine second striker to help Thompson, maybe a couple of older decent pros in. No shysters, no shirkers, no one there for just the money.

St Mirren need to progress, the club surely must be nearly at a stable financial proposition. No fans are asking for money to be blown on big signings, but some bodies in, names, someone to stoke the imagination, some hope.

Lennon might be the right choice over a new man and more turmoil, but he’s had the reins long enough to know and see what’s went wrong this season. Any sort of consistency could have seen Saints into the top six.

Long Losing sequences aren’t acceptable, they also drive away fans, even the most loyal or strong willed.

Hope, a side that aren’t patsies and a return of some pride are in order for 2014/15.

As for Danny Lennon. I’m marginally in favour of him staying, but based on him knowing that there needs to be an improvement, there needs to be a legacy from his era, there needs to be targets set and achieved.


2 thoughts on “Danny Lennon. Should he stay at St Mirren?

  1. Couldn’t agree more Chic. Would hate to see him fired, just causes instability. If we can get behind him and vocally support him and the players, I reckon he could get us a top six finish.

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