The Debate

On indyref?

There hasn’t really been one. As far as I can see.

A polite, good natured and passionate discourse with both sides making a valid contribution and provoking thought within the electorate and onto each other’s supporters too.

It generally runs, Scare Story in media, followed by yes Scotland response followed by oh but..

Then the next scare story and repeat.

The narrative of the positive case for union isn’t being constructively made.

If you’re like me, some of you might be, I read the scare story and the argument, I go away and google or check or read or try to find out more.

I’m not a party member, I look at things on an issue by issue basis, I try to keep an open mind, I read things that I probably don’t need to.

I know I’m being fed a selective amount about politics through my television and radio. I know there’s some fascinating non-indyref stories out there that are also selectively reported.

I tweet news sources that are generally not the BBC, with some exceptions, I’m not always that disciplined.

I like the attempts to have pro-Indy media and the websites that are doing it. My first looks and instincts put me off them going back about four or five years ago. I’ve thawed in my liking of them.

Now, the debate. Is there one?

There isn’t. Some stuff is basically mud throwing. Some stuff is chucked into the air to be shot down or not and some is just the old ‘Punch and Judy’. Then there’s the slurs..

For me, I don’t go out my way to convert people, I don’t see myself as any sort of better voice or source.

I write to clarify and sort my own thoughts. Mostly it works, sometimes not, sometimes I step back or leave an issue alone.

There are things suggested on the yes side that I maybe don’t agree with. I’ve seen a few policies or suggestions or proposals I dislike.

Dislike or disagree with them I may, but the discourse and thought and imagination and belief in a different future are there.

It can be radical or corporatist, socialist or green and it’s wonderful and inventive and creative.

The debate lies within the broader Yes campaign and lies with how to take Scotland onwards.

There’s not a debate in being stuck within the United Kingdom. It’s been stated by others and probably better than I can do. In case you think I’m ducking writing about the present state of the UK, I’ll leave you with this..



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