Danny and Alex

2013/14 SPFL Premiership

P 38
W 10
D 9
L 19
F 39
A 58
GD -19
PTS 39 (29)
[3pts win/ 2pts win]

Finished 8th from 12. Ahead of playoff and relegation spots.

Scottish Cup two rounds
League Cup one round

Top goalscorer Thompson – 16

1987/88 Scottish Premier Division

P 44
W 10
D 15
L 19
F 41
A 64
GD -23
PTS (45) 35
[3pts win/ 2pts win]

Finished 9th from 12. Three sides relegated to take division back to 10 team set up.

Scottish Cup one round after replay
League cup two rounds

Top goalscorer Chalmers -12

Both seasons illustrated were the seasons after a major trophy win, 1987 Scottish Cup and 2012/13 League Cup

Both managers did not continue to following season, Alex Smith was sacked in April 1988 and Danny Lennon did not have his contract renewed at May 2014.

Smith total record
P 72 W20 D20 L32
(27.7% win percentage)

Lennon total record
P179 W50 D54 L75
(27.9% win percentage)

It’s uncanny, must be noted the gruelling season in 87/88 where saints were also in the European Cup Winners Cup and there was no bottom six split, but a frightening three relegation places.

Smith’s Saints finished 4 points away from relegated Falkirk in 10th.

On a three point for a win basis. They would have attained 45 points although there were an additional 6 fixtures against the top finishing sides.

Lennon’s Saints finished 8th after a spirited last few games before the split and in the post-split.

They finished four points ahead of Hibs in 11th for the newly introduced promotion/relegation playoff and sixteen ahead of automatically relegated Hearts in 12th place.

Hearts had a fifteen point deduction made at the start of the season.

On a two points for a win basis, the overall points total would have been 29 points, arguable whether in an additional 6 fixtures against the top six sides whether Lennon ‘s saints would have gathered further points.

So Danny and Alex won St Mirren a trophy..


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