A small thing..

I’m settling to watch England vs Italy in the World Cup. It’s the BBC match of the day team augmented with additional pundits. Mainly English voices and effectively the BBC being the English ‘state’ broadcaster.

It’s slightly partisan, but had Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland qualified, then the nations/regions opt out in those areas and local voices doing a similar thing.

It’s a thing brought up every World Cup, the Anglo-centric coverage.

If we view with an indyref agenda, then we have to question the Britain = England mindset, we ask why with the BBC’s coverage of football across the UK, why aren’t Scottish Welsh and Irish journalists covering the World Cup or commentating on games or presenting the coverage?

It’s not important, it doesn’t upset me, but the prism and filter of how the games involving England will be portrayed, it becomes better and more watchable once England go out.

But if BBC or ITV did use neutral commentators wouldn’t it improve viewers experience. Professional, no nonsense coverage by native English language speakers.

Would viewership figures drop for that coverage!


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