My oldest son is 5 and a bit he has autism, he’s a lovely funny active boy, but he can’t do the things other 5 year olds do and is a handful for his mum and me to care for.

I’m not his principal carer, I work and juggle the balance of that and what my son and other children need.

I tweet and blog about indyref, but I don’t have time to actively campaign, to be honest squeezing in a haircut at times is a challenge.

I’m writing this on a train into Glasgow, I’ve just dropped off my youngest son at nursery and I’m off to yorkhill as my son with autism has a dental appointment. Mum had already left with him. Technically, I’m on a days leave from work, but today won’t be a holiday.

Most evenings I can read twitter, see the marvellous activity that the yes campaigners do, I want to help more but between work and home life, I can’t actively help. I can retweet or comment.

My wife does the day to day work in dealing with my son, to be honest she’s knackered most of the time too, the only thing she gets to is the carers group in the local area once a month.

I’m not going to comment on how others manage or cope, our realities are all different. I worry over what I hear about cuts to DLA and other things for disabled kids. I’m shocked at what I hear ukip think of parents of disabled kids.

I want a better Scotland, I do what I can when I can to write or tweet to speak up for yes.

Maybe I’m a vile cybernat?

I’m sure I’m not alone, in our society, most of us are looking out for our kids or our elderly, most of us are ordinary people that see the state of our schemes, see what’s happening day to day and want to speak out on it.

Anyway, my train is close to Glasgow and I’ve another to catch..


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