World Cup first thoughts

I should explain my twitter profile picture, quite simply I’m supporting Italy through the tournament. It’s not an ABE (anyone but..) thing.

I follow Juventus, I’m a fan of Pirlo and I’ve a ballotelli/Italy top scorer and WC winners bet on.

I was happy with performance vs Italy, captain and keeper out, tactically correct and disciplined, Pirlo and De Rossi were great and a superb goal by Mario from a good ball in to seal the win.

If anything I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a third to shit down the game, but heyho I knew Italy could defend the lead, but it was nervy.

England were more of a handful than I expected. Genuine pace and good passing at times, although Rooney wasted wide. I think they may still qualify but two tough games left and Uruguay will be physical and look to bring game to their level.

As for the Azzuri, hopefully injuries clear up and the game vs Costa Rica is Apparantly for the unofficial world football championship.

A quick football post again written on the train!!


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