Anthems, Flags and Flypasts..

Yup the aftermath of our Commonwealth Games opener.

‘Our’ – Chic?

Well, it’s Glasgow’s Games, Scotland’s Games.. Isn’t it?

On the basis of the event, which barring the brigadoonish pantomine/showtunes mess at the start, was generally quite good, then yes. Scotland is the ‘host’ nation and Glasgow the ‘home’ city.

So it’s ours as a ‘Scottish thing’?

Here’s the rub, Elizabeth, Queen of Scots comes bearing her full majesty, she founded and mothered the institution of the commonwealth after all.

Her anthem was played as ‘the national anthem’, her Air Force provided their aerobatics team for the fly past, the symbology of her appearance was ‘British’.

Usually the Queen’s advisors are pretty smart and tactful, she usually plays appearances in Scotland better than Wednesday night. She’s played visits to Dublin and Rome better.

Her symbols fed the goat of our union loving chums in the no camp, they also gleefully fed one side of Glasgow’s football tribalism too.

For me, I was daft enough to think they’d have sang Flower of Scotland at the event. But the memory of that will linger in hearts and minds.

Our no camp pals might have had more joy having organised God save the Queen followed by Flower of Scotland.

From my experience, a dirgy pipe band Flower of Scotland sang by a large crowd can sound awful anyway and put it this way no one would have particularly commented on it’s inclusion.

The Red Arrows Flypast is impressive, it always is. I never knew they did anything but red white and blue smoke until today when the programme contents surfaced, questions were asked and Smoke-gate became a thing.

Photographs later of them doing just blue and white smoke appeared on line as well.

Comments about them being a UK institution and nothing else possible, a stramash created as they ignored a request by the games (London based) organisers.

In the grand scheme of indyref, is it that important?

Not on the surface, but people remember snubs more than they do when they’re pleased with something.

The Scots public will remember the union-wash of the games opening and to me, to make a couple of minor points on identity and nationality, instead the no camp have created a little monster for themselves.

Had the Red Arrows smoke been blue and white, it’d have been ‘good on them’ and the same if Flower of a Scotland had been sung. No-one would have really remarked on either event and the ceremony would have been recalled for Amy Macdonald saving us from Brigadoon.

But hey ho, point scoring can backfire and I think the no camp have again blundered in their judgement of the ability of the Scottish People to know when they’ve been had.


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