Are the Polls right?

I’m on twitter, I see pretty much nightly canvassing percentages from the various yes groups as they go around Scotland. The stats are yes leaning, but creeping up week after week.

The mass canvassing from the Radical Indy folks usually leans to yes after don’t knows are stripped out.

We see the windows and cars and the stickers. Overhear conversations on public transport.

It feels right in terms of where yes are and what they’re doing.

But is there an undercurrent of no out there?

The parades have happened, we’ve seen those ‘spectacles’.

I’ve passed ‘no’ stalls in the street, only a few times, they’ve never seemed buzzing with activity.

I’ve not had a no campaigner at my door. I’ve only had the Westminster government book through my door.

I’ve seen naw stickers on street furniture, but no one that’s stridently out there from it.

I wonder if I’m too insulated from the no’s or naw’s.

The media carry the work for them, the articles where the BTeam get the last word.

The infamous ‘blow for Salmond’ phrasings. The harder questions on the interviews for the yes campaigners.

Is there a feeling out there that ‘it’s fine, the polls say we’re winning’ ?

With six weeks to go, they’d get out there, go nail it down?

I’d randomly bump into them going to or from work, like the Scottish CND guy with his ‘how best to diffuse a nuclear bomb’ flyer or the Labour for Indy guys.

I’m wondering how firm the no vote is. I’m wondering how big a proportion really are undecided and I’m wondering if there’s a repeat of the 2011 election in the wind..


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