Andrew Neil’s talking heads.

I watched the documentary presented by Andrew Neil.

I expected some tub thumping about the union, some smarmy facts on how good it was for Scotland and how inconceivable a yes vote would be.

How wrong could I be. Reasoned, thought through and watchable.

My point of interest was the talking heads, most were people a step removed from the Westminster machine, but they talked as proxies for it. They spoke for those that can’t go on the record saying ‘what if’ independence won on September 18th. A few exceptions in there like Farage.

Neil pinpointed the problems of Westminster for Scotland and for most of the rest of the UK. But those voices that are near the establishment actually now showing that they are thinking through the consequences for England.

Maybe the vexologist wasn’t needed but through him, Neil explained the acts of Union, through him he explained that you can’t have a remainder of The United Kingdom of Great Britain.

For those that watched down South and possibly even also in Scotland that were ignorant of the Indyref debate, Neil has raised understanding.

Fair play to him, but he is from Paisley after all..


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