Indyref – gloves off?

The days are ticking by and there’s not long to go for the referendum date of September 18th.

It’s Getting more obvious as the co-ordinated aftermath of last weeks stv debate showed.

The sight of labour campaigners carrying giant fake coins with Salmond’s face on them was surreal and led to an inevitable barrage of laughter at po faced labour politicians posing with the coins.

First Minister’s Questions saw all three opposition leaders go with the ‘plan B’ question too. That seems a wasteful use of their best opportunity to bring the first minister to account, particularly when those politicians were saying things like ‘Scotland on pause’ when referring to the referendum.

Everything will now be thrown at the yes campaign. It seems like we are going to get bombarded through the media.

Dodgy polls aren’t anything new, suggestions that yes is only at 38%, the mass canvas percentages by the Radical Indpendence guys say it all.

Johann Lamont did another closed door/invite only speech that in the end had almost as many invitees as press.

Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon is doing packed out Town Hall meetings where committed yes voters are giving up their seats to let her speak to the undecideds. Similar stuff with other yes speakers across Scotland.

The latest twist on plan B is that there will be a banking collapse as capital flows where ever the scaremonger says.

Like thousands of other Scots, I’m already with an English based bank for my banking, so did we plan ahead or what?

I posted on currency in my ‘bawbag question’ blogpost, on short, I think a currency union will happen it makes most sense once emotions and sheer politics are removed.

The aggressive nature of questioning and debate can only now get ramped up,we saw that with the tone of Jackie Bird tonight interviewing Salmond.

If you’re voting yes, enjoy the ride, I’d suggest that if the no camp are going hell for leather that something is worrying them in their private polling.

A skeptic or undecided? Read the Wee blue book
wee blue book or
scotland’s decision is a bit more neutral

The information is out there, use it.


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