48 – 52

Latest polls suggest 48% yes, 52% no. I believe it’s the ICM in Scotland on Sunday

A high water mark?

I won’t bullshit you. It doesn’t matter.

Not a bit.

None of the polls have mattered a not to me, as they’ve consistently been favourable for the better together campaign. From the outset of the polling, they’ve been that bit away from the public mood.

I think online and on the streets that yes is ahead.

Now, that said, there are a fair number of undecideds out there and probably a number of soft yes and soft no voters too that might be swayed.

But the debate has been mainly quite technical and purely political probably to the credit of both sides. There’s sniping around the edges, some naughty stuff here and there too.

But it’s in the main a dry, factual discourse.

Passion hasn’t been invoked. Identity, heritage, what are you and how do you feel? What do you want?

No can’t offer that vision. No matter how good or informed their speaker.

I’ve mentioned the mass canvasses before. The numbers of voters in the schemes is important.

People are not daft, they may not have time to be one of the ‘chattering classes’ but know probably better than most the effects of the crackdowns on welfare and some of the excesses carried out on the poor, unemployed and disabled.

Do they want more of the same? And how represented are they in polls?

I could go on and on through different groups and demographics.

It comes down to Thursday the 18th September. A private booth, a bit of paper with two boxes and a person holding a pencil.

Fuck it’

All it takes. From those undecided, unsure, hacked off, had enough, first time voters, those normally not interested in politics or even ‘committed’ no’s.

It’s you and your conscience.

So 48/52? Aye ok. Jog on.

What is it really sitting at out there and what effect will there be on that moment on that Thursday when we all have to cross that box in the hope of doing the right thing.



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