Online shopping, only as much use as who is delivering

My kids like Lego, my oldest is a big fan. She got a set for his birthday last month from eBay as it wasn’t stocked any more.

As a treat, I wanted to get this for her too.


The eBay prices were steep for the set so I figured if use the lego websites pick a brick service. I figured out the non specialised bricks from the set about five weeks ago and ordered it online.

Through another part of their website I was going to get the trickier bits. I’ve used that service before too.

All in all about £50.00 of Lego Bricks.

I waited for delivery. It never came.

I work Monday to Friday, so expected that I might get a card through the door or get an option to go pick up.

No card, no nothing.

The last leg of my delivery was through Yodel.

I called Lego customer care last week (Thursday) they were excellent at listening to me and were getting onto the delivery company.

They were also kind enough to send a baseplate for my inconvenience.

That baseplate was delivered Saturday afternoon without any issue. A courier from Yodel.

So I get a call today from Lego. ‘They say it was delivered and signed for’ in terms of the £50.00 of stuff I was waiting for.

I cracked up. I hate it when someone’s at it and clearly Yodel had spun the girl at Lego a line.

Lego will credit my account, but I’m disappointed. My faith in buying online is shaken. You really are in the hands of whether a delivery person will do their job or not.

It’s not my only bad experience of Yodel, I just wished Lego had sent my parcel by Royal Mail.

Disappointed kid. I’ve let her down and feel rotten.

So, Yodel, your delivery driver that can’t be bothered to deliver to me probably isn’t bothering delivering to others. What are you going to do?

Update 20th August

Yodel’s customer team on twitter very helpful but I don’t quite have the reference number needed to find the package. I’ll need to look through the Lego emails again.


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