Why write on Scottish Independence?

In all truth, I never intended to get that involved in the campaign for independence. I was going to quietly go to the polling station, get the card and put a big thick cross in the box for yes.

I’ve three kids. I want something better for them, I think the austerity and cuts of the last few years have created further issues for ordinary scots. Prices of near everything has went up, nothing is cheaper, but salaries have stayed the same and our life’s aren’t getting any better.

We hear on recovery and soaring house prices in London, that won’t reach us until it’s nearly time for another economic implosion in their boom/bust cycle.

I’ve been on Tartan Army trips, I’m not a kilt and glengarry hat type, I wear a old style Scotland top and jeans. I’ve never been the most massive patriot ever.

But I see the sense in independence, I’ve read everything I can find and saying yes is the only answer.


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