I don’t want to see Scotland granted Independence..

Naughty header. I’m for yes.

But I don’t want to see Westminster write a final ‘Scotland’ Act to grant Independence to Scotland.

We’re not a colony or a possession, we’re better than that.

If we get a yes vote, the will of the Scottish people is for Independence and that means dissolution of the Union, not an act of the Westminster parliament handed down to us, I’d see that as an insult.

We came on as the Kingdom of Scotland, we go out as such.

There will be arguments that it’s be unprecedented or that the UK cannot just be unravelled, but that’s entirely what Scottish Independence means.

It’s a resumption of a statehood that was voluntarily (well, you know the history) given up for the union.

The UK doesn’t make any sense without Scotland, there cannot be a continuing UK if the people of Scotland exercise the right to leave.

I see comments all the time on let’s have a republic from the get go, well we can’t, we need to use the existing levers of how this country (the UK, that is) works.

It’s a step by step thing and it’s in the dark I guess too.

If the result is yes, then I think the existing Scottish Parliament has to meet and the parliament must acknowledge the result and pass a motion that Scotland is to resume as an independent nation and that negotiators should be appointed by the First Minister with advice from all parties.

To be clear, party politics should be ditched, all MSPs must act for the people if a Scotland in this situation, whatever their views on the result.

Next the First Minister meets the UK Prime Minister as an equal, but bear in mind that Cameron is still technically responsible for us until the paperwork is settled.

Then, they both have to present the result to the Queen and as her ministers advise her ( and probably take her advice too)

We then get the nitty gritty, can we get the United Kingdom dissolved through Westminster?

Would their pride allow it? Technically they should.a similar enabling motion, they can do sad speeches and the like.

Then negotiating parties can be formed for the remainder or England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Cornwall (I know, mouthful).

So, would it happen? Probably not what I’ve outlined, unless it were to be pushed by the Queen, she would be acutely aware of her position in Scotland and would not wish to be seen as only an English monarch. (No matter she may feel privately)

Scotland would be better pushing this path as it gets around the successor state stuff and if our parliament asserts itself after a positive result, then it strengthens the hand in negotiating a settlement.

Merely accepting an act from Westminster feeds an argument about a new nation being formed and wouldn’t help out hand in negotiating access to the EU and NATO.

In my view it’s the right thing to do.

First though, we need that yes vote.


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