The Sidebar of Naw? – BBC Scotland Live

We know the BBC Scotland News Website.

A new feature is the ‘Live’ sidebar, updates on Stories, Weather and Traffic News during the day.

Having a look today, it’s been a rearguard action for the naw’s after yesterday’s debate.

Lots of comments and it does make you wonder how much is spontaneous.

I still read the BBC News website, I’m not taken with it’s coverage of Indyref but I still have a lunchtime squizz at it.

Struck me today that undecideds will still engage with the BBC and read their coverage and read the comments on the sidebar.

For all that the yessers have been effective on line through social media, I think that sidebar of naw remains a bastion that the ‘good guys’ have yet to get their heads around.

Possibly it’s easier to make a point through twitter, but if you have the time, opportunity and willingness to do so, the sidebar could be evened out that wee bit more.

Some gems below:-



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