Deconstructing Patronising BT Lady


Who is she meant to be?
(I’m not going to comment directly on what she said)

Ring on finger, loom bands on wrist, references to Paul and Kids, mean a married mum probably with the kids at the local school.

She’s having a tea/coffee before going to work, so she has a job and that reflects on how she’s dressed too.

I’m guessing her top isn’t expensive or top of the range but is nice enough. Same goes for her hair and make up.

Her mug looks nice, so it probably isn’t from B&M’s.

So an ‘average’ working mum with husband and kids sat in her kitchen having a cuppa.

Her kitchen isn’t bad, maybe a three bedroom semi built in the last 10 years. Not sure of house prices everywhere in Scotland but maybe 130,000 to 150,000?

Obviously Paul and her got in the house well before the last crash.

Her speech isn’t that broad, reflects someone reasonably educated, the odd Scots phrase in there to be credible.

Possibly been to University then.

She’s off to work after her coffee. By car maybe?

So, add up the details and from how she’s portrayed she’s probably aspirational for many women out there.

Has it all, Husband, Kids, Job, House.

Is that reflective of modern Scotland?


7 thoughts on “Deconstructing Patronising BT Lady

  1. She should be saying “I’m no taking a gamble wae my kids future, I’m going to vote no and make sure they are totally fu**ed. they won’t be able to go to university coz we won’t be able to afford it, in fact I can’t get that medicine I need coz I can’t afford the prescription. And to make matters worse that was the last tea bag we shared between 5,of us so I’m off the the food bank again. Aye that’s it no is definitely best

  2. I like your painstaking analysis in the assessment

    I would of thought that 66% of Scots had mortgages ,owned a home and about half of Scots were in a marriage /partnership

    So I would call the Housewife pretty typical

    its open to debate 😉

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