Doctor Who – Series 8, Episode 2, Into the Dalek

*first reaction, will re-edit later after another viewing.

Capaldi and Daleks.

Straight into it then? More or less.

Introductions were so last week, this episode started with a purposeful doctor getting us into the heart of the story.

But? A chained down dalek? Where have we seen that before?

Er. ‘Dalek’ with Ecclestone and ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ with Smith and a varient of Clara.

Does that mean anything? In Moffat Era Who it probably does and we’ve probably been seeded with something without knowing it.

The parallels with the encounter in Dalek with the Ninth Doctor are striking too, but what do they mean?

I’ll probably have to leave that for the real whovian experts.

I again enjoyed Capaldi who
Put over well The Doctor as an alien and as a less friendly, easy to access character as he was as Ten or Eleven.


Back to School eh?

As I said last week, Clara now more a normal companion, we’re trying to figure out The Doctor’s latest incarnation through her, banter and all.

Some clever dialogue with her saying she’s The Doctor’s carer.

To an extent she had already done that as ‘The Impossible Girl’ for the Eleventh Doctor.

Something I picked up from second viewing was Clara’s blouse, mainly red but what seemed a blue eye pattern on it. I wonder..

Danny Pink

That’s right, I’m not interested. (Yet)

Dalek Rusty

A good dalek? An interesting premise, but we know a dalek is a dalek is a dalek.

The interest was the deadly antibodies and the internal workings of Rusty and their exchange at Doctor to Kaled face to face and ultimately mind to mind.

The imagery of the antibodies as the blue eye stalk in a ball of evil linked somewhat to ‘The Time of the Doctor’ and the stalks coming through human victims heads.

I’m still waiting to see the bright coloured Daleks return, these ones seemed a grim brown sort of lot.

A Good Man?

We suspect our Twelfth Doctor disposed of the droid in the series opener, although that was left to interpretation.

The Doctor may not fully know himself following his regeneration or perhaps he really really does.

The question made to Clara and her final answer gave a satisfying clunk to close the tale, but along the way we see a Doctor willing to sacrifice others where necessary but who also trusts Clara in her task with Rusty’s memory banks.

But, the Doctor/Clara relationship is tested, he left her in Glasgow after ‘Deep Breath’ and he showed a different, more difficult and darker side through the episode.

I have no idea. The speculation is all out here on the internet, use your search engine..


7/10 – a solid episode.


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