‘Scotland is Ready Now – Let’s Vote Yes.’

Patrick Harvie MSP. His closing words in the STV ‘town hall’ debate.

A different voice, a different viewpoint. A great speaker and a pretty well respected politician.

Presently the Scottish Greens have two MSP’s in the 4th Scottish Parliament elected in 2011.

I follow both on twitter, I like much of what they say and how they say it.

I think recognition of them has grown over the indyref campaign and they have contributed well to the overall debate.

Very evident in his closing speech at the STV town hall debate.

The opponents in the town hall debate were a Tory MSP and a Labour MP and Labour MSP.

Is there really a difference between those parties when Ruth Davidson recognises social justice and Douglas Alexander stresses market forces?

If there is a successful Yes vote, then what is the post referendum situation?

Does it follow that support will rise for the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Socialist Party? A plank of yes support is disgruntled former labour voters.

A faction of yes supporters are recent SNP converts, but not everyone is naturally in the Alec Salmond fan club either.

The parliament probably won’t see anyone changing sides before the 2016 election but are certain leaders likely to be in ‘lame duck’ situations?

Could Johann Lamont survive as leader, would labour need a change in the run up to the independence negotiations and the 2016 parliament?

Does that date give Labour recovery time at Holyrood?

As a theoretical Scottish Election after the referendum and under the same leadership would see them and others take a ‘doing’.

Would Ruth Davidson need to step down or Willie Rennie?

Are there issues within the Tory or Liberal Democrats that would create a change with the dissolution of the union in prospect.

So, in the run up to a 2016 parliament, maybe there are opportunities for some presently minor parties.

Or more radically, will there even be new parties created as a result of an indyref vote?

Would there be double digit representation for the Scottish Greens or the SSP?

Could the writings and followings of the Radical Independence or Common Weal groups create a party of their own or simply make the SSP a stronger force?

That certainly would appeal to the voters combed out by the rush to register as electors for the Indyref as well as those that have had it with Labour.

So, that takes us back to Holyrood being as it was designed, no party with overall majority and a return to coalition politics.

Could a Nat-Green coalition be the first government of an Independent Scotland or will politics take a turn after the negotiations conclude.

(I’ll cover the what if’s under a no vote in another post)



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