The benefits and employment trap

We were delighted when we heard my wife’s friend had got a job.

A decent women, that’s had a hard time of it, but helped out local families as a friend and helped us enormously when my wife struggled with our two boys when they were younger.

The trap of the current system meant that a fortnight before starting her new job, she had her benefits ‘sanctioned’ – as she wasn’t trying for a job!

Her ‘job’ is a zero hours contract, she’s off the statistics but needed help from the job centre today to get money to pay her fuel bill and feed her school age boy. She was told today that she shouldn’t have signed off, but had been told the opposite a fortnight ago.

She trying to escape the trap of poverty, she’s volunteered, did the wee college courses that they make you go on, she’s worked for a big supermarket on ‘WorkFare’.

What more hoops are there in the system for people to jump through, how many others are being put through this every day?


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