I’m a St Mirren fan. I’m proud of my local team, we don’t always win, we can easily have months of drought but by god, see when we win…

One phrase in our lexicon on the excellent black and white army website is that of a knickerwetter.

The type that panics over a bad run and screams for the manager to be sacked.

Equally it was used by a few expert trolls to mock those calling for the removal of certain past managers when their time was clearly up.

In politics, knicker wetting is a different thing.

Fears are created, spun, reported, spun again. No basis in fact but become the news and no one questions it.

No-one says ‘haw stoap knickerwetting over the currency’ or:-

‘See this knickerwetting about Russia invading? Gie it a f’ing rest’

Or you’re a right knickerwettering b***ard about border posts.

Maybe they should.

If I have a serious point in this post, it’s that we all want honesty and a factual debate in politics.

Debate, construct an argument, make your point.

The inflation of claims, twists and spinning have to stop. It’s no longer the nineties. A lot of us have these wee things in our hands that you can use to find out stuff on. Not all of us just use them to look for cat photographs.

If we are to have a new Scotland, let’s have a new politics.

And leave ‘knicker wetting’ to us fitba fans


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