Doctor Who – Series Eight, Episode 3 – Robot of Sherwood

Clara’s choice of where to go and a nice comedy sword fight to start.

The Tardis interior is very impressive from the pre-titles sequence where Clara and the Doctor move down to the Tardis controls during their chat about Robin Hood.

A spoon/sword fight? A nod to tennant’s doctor?

Ben Miller doing a nice bit of villain.

Again Clara wears red, but her choice of jewellery on her forehead? Another allusion to the Daleks. (and just how did she get the dress and hair done so quickly?)

What was the red dalek from the episode with the colourful Daleks?

Robot knights with purple death rays? Could be scarier, as usual villain of the week is under used.

‘Shut it hoodie’ and the line about hating ‘bantering’ with a good squabble in the cellar between the Doctor and Robin.

The sheriff and gold? I can think of a whovian bad guy that doesn’t like gold.

Sadly our bad guys of the week just need it as fuel..

The point of the episode I’m guessing is to do with the legend of Robin Hood against the legend of The Doctor.

Where do we stand with The Doctor? Is he known? Did Smith’s doctor not try to live quieter or be less known to his enemies?

Again, Capaldi gives a portrayal on the edges of an unlikeable character but will the thrust of action and dialogue be enough to take the audience with him?

I think our some aren’t getting the change of character and direction for the show. It may well need a mid season sweetener to keep some on board.

Next week’s seems scary.

Second watch required as I never saw missy..


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