Crashing Markets? Crashing Pound?

If you chose to believe that, then best stop reading now.

The UK economy is out of the crash created by the last labour government.

The markets ‘reacted’ to the 51/49 poll.

They reacted because they get their news through the London based media, ‘a no vote was a certainty’. ‘The polls say this..’

If you’re trading shares, lots if things influence the market, government policy and political sentiment in the country play a role, consumer spending, house prices all these things.

You rely on hard and fast news, it’s not quite ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ but you get the idea.

The markets on the odd occasion need to correct themselves. It’s a basic as that, simple economics.

Traders were fed garbage by Westminster politicians and the London media.

MThey couldn’t rely on the Scottish media either as a rosy picture for no was also painted. BBC? ITV news?

So where would the markets get an accurate picture on indyref then?

Hungry for information, important for their investors. Global investors as we’re reminded constantly.

You reap what you sow. The UK government created the impression that they had it, their campaign had it.

The Scottish people aren’t quite on their script.

Neither is Gordon Brown, a back bench MP who we’re told doesn’t do much in parliament.

Why is a failed prime minister and if we’re perfectly honest in retrospect, a failed chancellor, allowed a platform for, well, Purdah.

He bellowed about Scots having a parliament and a government, then softened into the ties with the UK and his vision of more powers for Holyrood.

More powers for Holyrood were not on his agenda when he was ‘the iron chancellor’ and ‘prudence’ his byword.

When Holyrood had a labour dominated chamber and wasn’t spending it’s full allocation from Westminster, he wasn’t bothered, neither were his henchmen Darling and Balls.

His contribution will be remembered by Scots.

As for the markets, they’ll be desperate for news on Scotland, for a while, but they’ll happily settle back into their world of multinationals and international capital.

Scots, ordinary Scots have a real opportunity in their hands as Jim Sillars has said real Sovereignty in our hands from 7am until 10pm a week on Thursday.

We can’t be daft enough to be fooled by this onslaught.

Vote Yes.


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