The bandwagoneers..

‘Oh I don’t know’ or I can’t wait for this to be over and back to normal’

Hmm, the frustration of hearing that, despite the Indyref campaign and the latest media onslaught, it’s reality TV shows or their own wee bubbles.

Momentum. 51%. A longer Reporting Scotland. Even on the ‘big news’.

No apologies for reminding the numbers. A bit over 4.2 million voters.

A high turnout, it could be bigger than 80%, that’s 3.3 million voting.

50% could be 1.65 or 1.7 million voters or more.

So the bandwagonneers…

Want to be on the right side, not too fussed on any politician, not swayed by that Facebook post or headline. Might like the idea of a party, might simply know they don’t want to be on same side as the Tories.

Sometimes life can be quite vapid, a cocoon of your own making. That bubble when everything is ok and you have your job, life and your friends.

We need them too. Wee chats, wee words in conversations, the spark to make them realise it is important to have a say.

Vote Yes.


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