The Generation that got nearly everything.

So the key demographic is the over 55’s in Indyref, not yet convinced enough to vote Yes.

Thinking of retirement, some already have I guess.

Maybe not wanting change, wanting to get to retirement. Products of the late 50’s and early 60’s, young in the 1970’s, working in the 80’s , family in the 90’s older but fit after the turn of the millennium .

They got free university education, they saw the economy open up in the eighties after the hardness and struggle in the seventies. Chances to have houses and cars and a domesticity in the nineties and the gadgets and that World Wide Web that followed.

Young enough to live at least another thirty years or more, as our life expectancies get longer.

Well, that’s with exceptions in some of our poorer and more deprived areas where life expectancy isn’t much greater than 55.

What’s in it for them to vote yes?

Maybe a chance for the coming generation to have the same opportunity and access to a better life, to get a mortgage without a massive deposit, maybe a chance to afford a car without paying a monthly finance deal, maybe a job that has some prospects and longevity, maybe the chance to have a family and a house and not worry on juggling the bills.

It’s hard to look backwards. I’m not part of that generation, but I got some of the good stuff they got, a good education at a university without a loan burdening me, I got a chance at buying with a 5% deposit. I got on the employment ladder, I’ve never faced workfare or zero hour contracts. I recall cheap drink for nights out and my monthly wages stretching to treats or helping buy a car outright.

A more equal and just Scotland is a possibility. It could be grabbed.

But it takes a leap of faith in others and a hope that the ‘generation that got nearly everything’ want Independence, not just for themselves but for those behind them and those behind them again. They have children and grand children to think about too.

But it could be about them, their savings, their fears on pensions and their near life long voting for Labour.

Let’s hope that enough take on the positives of the Yes message.


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