The Guardian.

I’m sad to see The Guardian say No in it’s editorial.

It was one of the few papers that I have bought recently. I had found over recent years that I disagreed with the Milliband agenda and that I didn’t necessarily agree as much with it’s views on UK or Scottish Politics.

Probably naive of me to think that they’d stay out of indyref.

But this summary paragraph is too much to swallow.

‘Nationalism is not the answer to social injustice. For that fundamental reason, we urge Scots to vote no to independence next week

Nationalism. Yeah, jog on. It’s not ethnic nationalism that’s driving me or thousands of others to support yes. It’s civic nationalism it’s knowing that we can do better for our poor, elderly, our children, our disabled people and indeed ourselves.

It is a campaign to remove the Tories influence, it is a campaign to think about doing that bit better than foodbanks and benefit sanctions and ultimately it is a campaign about doing better than the Guardian suggests and waiting and hoping for Ed Milliband to perhaps win the scheduled 2015 general election.

Ed Milliband’s Labour Party isn’t something I want to be running Scotland either if I’m perfectly honest.

Have they moved on much from Gordon Brown? I’d suggest not, their leaders are Blairites, they have a fantasy that it wasn’t their fault the economy was ruined on their watch.

A fixation with foreign wars and Middle England whilst Scotland wasn’t an issue until we all had enough and voted in the SNP to run holyrood.

The Guardian has made it choice. I’ll choose to not buy it or the Observer again. A pity as it was a fellow traveller with me from my early 20’s.

It was an easy choice to follow a few of it’s twitter feeds when I started on twitter. I unfollowed last night with a heavy heart.

I’ll still steal a look at the online television blogs for Doctor Who but that will be it.

Hopefully from independence a new media will emerge as the existing mainstream one has badly failed us.


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