Sometimes I tweet.


And sometimes it goes mental. I had 457 retweets of that post.


The image within.

I took the post down as I was getting tetchy at the number of retweets.

Basic point I was trying to make was visibility and that these roadside field signs can be taken in by many thousands of people per day and if you make a trip from Paisley to Erskine Bridge you’ll see at least three on way out and three on way back.

It’s a level of visual hit few of us could dream about. Your average flat or house poster might be seen by a hundred or so people unless you live on a main road.

So what’s more main than the M8 or any of our principal roads?

A dream for either campaign, certainly money can’t buy for the No camp.

Is it democratic? Is it legitimate?

Can both sides get the opportunity? Should they?

When taken in the context that Renfrewshire Council have forbidden lamppost mounted campaign signs, then it gets different. Every location that the message can be seen is vital.

As for farm subsidies? Wouldn’t a yes and staying in the EU be preferable to a no and an exit in 2017?


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