George Square – Thursday 16th September

I wandered along at six o’clock and had a look, a good number at the west end of the square assembled near the banner pitched in the grass.

Most people had badges on, some had flags, some had placards. Some guys were trying to speak and make themselves heard, but difficult to hear.

I don’t think many were that bothered, a few went away though, people walked about.

The numbers grew steadily though as did the flags. It was being there, a big flashmob, a gathering.

A couple of thousand people just making the same point and supporting yes.

I gave it thirty five to forty minutes and headed off, I had a quick chat with a fellow St Mirren fan too.

It didn’t matter to hear speeches or for it to have been loosely organised and just a right good number of folk turning up.

The real actual work is being done tonight elsewhere, in the neighbourhoods, the schemes, the towns, the villages. All across Scotland, leaflets, canvassing and gentle persuasion.

People might look at George Square and comment. The reality is everywhere else in Scotland though.






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