The aftermath and the 45%

I won’t pretend I’m not hurting inside. I am, badly.

I’m toying with joining a political party, but I’m torn between The SSP, Greens and SNP.

I have to read properly all about all of those parties before coming to a decision. It might be that I don’t.

Horses for Courses.

Supporting a party is one thing, but I may need to vote tactically. I may need to think how the 2015 general election and 2016 Scottish Election can be won by parties that I support.

In a first past the post election like Westminster or the consistency element of Holyrood. You need the strength of the biggest party that can challenge Labour.

In the 2015 Westminster election, to make a message that Yes isn’t over, then that means unseating No MP’s.

40 Labour
11 Liberal Democrats
1 Tory
1 Eric Joyce

So 53?

Is it dreamland to see Scotland return all 59 MP’s as SNP MP’s?

Does each constituency need a SNP MP? Is returning an SSP or Green MP as good or as clear a statement?

If it happened, then the chances are that Westminster would be another hung parliament?

What’s realistic? aiming for more than half? 35 or 40 or maybe even 45?

Looking at the list and targeting the smallest majority. Then the one after that and one after that.

What are the local issues and factors what can dislodge names we know and hear about?

Is it just a case of checking the demographics and getting every nut bolt and detail on those constituencies?

Or is it hitching on to one of the pro-Indy parties and helping their resources?

Is there a grassroots yessy sort of way to do this?

Crowdfund an office? Use goodwill, volunteers, patrons even?

Harness the local issues, local voices, local people? Know enough on the ground to swing things.

Can anyone see ways to make that work?

Can the momentum of yes be able to do that through the 45er’s. Is there a base to work from, can we carry anything forward?

I believe that something can work using the yes groups techniques.

Focused groups that people can identify with getting into the debate for 2015 and 2016.

Making local issues work for candidates, taking the fight at a local and national level for social justice and to ensure our people aren’t conned again.

I think it’s possible, but the dynamics and organisation need figured out.

Otherwise we are relying on the strength of the parties, constituency by constituency and voting tactically in those elections and hoping for results.

The results in those two elections need influenced if we are ever to take the shot at another referendum.


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